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  • We carry a ready supply of Sandbags for Flood Control.

  • Stock sizes from 14x26" to 40x54"

  • Smaller sizes for sand, gravel, aggregates, construction debris, rubbish

  • Medium sizes for agriculture, feed, and industrial use. 

  • Larger sizes for bulky materials, shoes & clothing, couriers

  • Custom sizes and printed bags made to order

Bulk Bags ( FIBC ) with Capacities of 1 Ton and Up.

  • Available with open, duffle or spout tops / flat or spout bottoms

  • Ventilated & custom sizes for potatoes & other produce

  • Concrete washout bags


  • For Corn, 24x36" Green, printed "Fresh Picked Sweet Corn"

  • Also available without printing in Green & Yellow colors.

  • For Shellfish - Produce - Firewood - Personal Effects, etc.

  • Sizes from 11x19" to 24x36"

  • Stock colors of Red, White, Purple, Green, Yellow

BURLAP CLOTH: also known as Jute or Hessian Cloth

  • Used for many purposes, including Concrete Curing, Wrapping, etc.

  • Burlap is a Natural, Breathable & Biodegradable fabric

  • Burlap Cloth is available in many widths and weights.

  • Packaged in Bales, Bolts, Rolls, & Sheets.

BURLAP BAGS:  A natural fabric bag available in many sizes; it is biodegradable.


  • New clear and misprinted (job lot) industrial bags

  • Construction and agricultural film

  • Stretch wrap

  • Clear bags used for liners. 

  • Black Garbage & Contractor Bags 33 & 55 gallon


  • For bulk foods, spices, chemicals, and industrial products

  • Custom printed and specialty bags made to order.

  • Biodegradable refuse bags in 30 and 40 gallon capacities

  • Lawn & Leaf Biodegradable Collection Bags

  • Obsolete and misprinted multiwall bags.

Steel wire ties and twisting tools,

Fast and Convenient Ordering & Shipping.

Let us help you with your packaging needs!

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