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Pile of Burlap Bags
Burlap rolls
Strong - Natural - Biodegradable

We offer a full line of new burlap bags

Common Sizes:

  • 14x26" Burlap Sandbags with Tiecord

  • 17x27"/ 7 oz.

  • 18x30"/ 7 oz.

  • 18x30"/ 10 oz.

  • 20x30"/ 10 oz.

  • 24x40"/ 10 oz.

  • 27x40"/ 10 oz.

Burlap Bags are known for their strength and durability. They are made from natural jute fabric, and are biodegradable. Burlap Bags are commonly used for feed, grain, nuts, coffee, agriculture and crops such as potatoes and onions, and are also convenient for the storage of spare parts. They are useful in construction for storage or debris, around the machine shop, or simply for work in the backyard.

Burlap Cloth

  • Available in widths from 36" - 72" and weights of 5, 7, & 10oz.

  • Concrete curing burlap in bales and rolls.

  • Jute Erosion Cloth for ground erosion control.

  • Packing available in bales, rolls, or bolts.

Other common uses for burlap cloth include tree wrapping and frost protection, agricultural packaging, sculpting, scenery and decoration, upholstery and carpet backing, restoration, seeding, and ground erosion control.

Burlap Bag
Burlap Cloth
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